Thursday, January 19, 2012

J.R. Smith did this last night in Beijing

Stephon Marbury may have had one of the best games of his CBA career in a winning effort, but it was J.R. Smith who expressed what the Chinese might call suzhi (素质) -- character.

The first player he crossed over, Wang Xiaohui, actually hurt himself (24:43 mark in this video).

Keep your head up, young fella.


Anonymous said...

The Deadspin title is BS (like most of them).
THere was no three ankles shattered.
Only the first one, a true classic.
The last two were more pushes than ankle breakers.

Not blaming you for their title but the dozen people I sent it to all called bulls**t on it being three.

Deadspin cowdung aside, I am soooooo glad I got that original link this morning because I discovered this site.
I totally forgot about those two but still find the idea of JR and Starbury (along with their egos and assorted baggage) living in China to be absolutely fascinating.
You could make a 24/7 behind the scenes, do a reality show and even a TV series (I lived in india for 5yrs as well as japan and laughed at Outsource because I saw a lot of my experiences). maybe something on HBO with a little nudity.. anyways, as I was saying the cultural differences, big as their already are, are just mindboggling with possiblities.

The Tao said...

I don't know why HBO isn't on this, actually. You could just follow around JR Smith's sister for a few days.