Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Perhaps the best AP sports story ever

The U.S.A.-China men's basketball write-up, that is. The lead:

BEIJING (AP) -- In one heartpounding minute in the first half, LeBron James dunked off a nifty underhanded feed from Dwyane Wade. Then Kobe Bryant flew in and jammed. Then it was Chris Bosh's turn to rattle the rim.

As the backboard swayed, some might have recalled the fabled Dream Team. The final score -- U.S. 101, China 70 -- might also draw comparisons.

Who's worried about the 7-for-29 shooting from beyond the arc? Just toss it up and throw it down.

And because two people have quoted this excerpt back to me, I figure it's worth sharing:

China has more than a billion people, but there's not an elite point guard among them.

Nice job, AP.

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