Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Beijing Stuff, and more pictures from week 1

If I blogged like this and this, do you think I'd get more hits?

I'm not an attractive girl, so that will hurt my chances a little. Still... question remains.

Thank you, Beijing Stuff, for absolutely nothing. I really can't think of a better way of expressing my thoughts on that.

Actually, a few more thoughts. BJS seems like a small 'Net community, which means, inevitably, there will be poachers. Male, usually. Actually, always. If you spend enough time surfing BJS, you'll find a sort that's -- how do I put this -- promiscuous. Slimy, even. Which makes me wonder: is this really the best way to go after women? I mean, yes, probably, if you're English-oriented and lonely and outgoing. But should it be? And -- totally for blogging purposes, of course -- would you be interested in reading about me turning into one of them?

The young women of China all have very nice figures, due, no doubt, to a healthy diet (the Chinese are very health-conscious, balancing their foods, eating three meals, making sure to eat fruits, etc.) and genetics. This makes them all very... ah, there is no other way of expressing this, so excuse the expression... fuckable. This is actually a very bad thing when you haven't had sex for a long time.

More pictures:

View from Jiujiu's fifth-floor apartment, which is currently my home base (though I'm shifty).

Beihang, which is Zhang Peng's workplace (he's a manager in the IT department).

Luis Scola is one of Li Ning's spokesmen, so he's rather popular around here. He also plays on China's adopted NBA team, the Houston Rockets.

No country for old men? Not here. The Chinese treat their elderly very well. (And I'm sorry for how I introduced this picture, but I would lay down my pride for Cormac McCarthy any day of the week.)

Little kids sitting in front of the Beihang Sports Complex, which will host the weightlifting event during the Olympics. China's first gold medal might be won in that building (the one on the left).


POSTSCRIPT: This is a really addictive site, and these photo galleries will ruin your workday. Proceed at your own risk.

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