Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Picture of the Day: Group exercising

Beijing Today calls them "radio exercises" because the moves are done to music that is broadcast over public radio. If you've biked around Guijie near Dongzhimen, you've probably seen it: entire kitchen staffs of fancy restaurants outside doing collective exercises. Or if you've worked in a Chinese office, perhaps you've partaken in these exercises as well (they're awful). Here's what it looks like:

China Daily's Metro Beijing section editorialized on this last month in such ridiculous terms that I almost left a comment. (Essentially: forced collective exercising relieves boredom; I think that was the crux of the column.) I can't find the editorial now, despite spending way too much time just now navigating its search function. Here's a news article instead.

POSTSCRIPT: China Daily's editorials were never good by any definition of the word, but now that they have METRO Beijing columnists "working" as well, the entire op-ed section is now just a complete and utter embarrassment. Here's someone writing about rain -- about average for an editorial. There are better and there are worse, but I can't stand linking to anything else.

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