Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Duke treats Chinese "Olympic Team" like Fairleigh Dickinson"

It was not, of course, the Olympic Team we all know, because last I checked, the Olympic Team was coached by Bob Donewald and has Yi Jianlian. That team would have crushed Duke. The one that played last night went down 28-6 and, despite spurts of competence, never really challenged the Dukies.

In case you were wondering: Duke: 3, teams from China: 0.

The highlight of the night -- other than a couple of monstrous dunks by the Blue Devils -- was a mascot copping a feel from two Duke cheerleaders, and the Blue Devil mascot going up to that other mascot and doing a "get the fuck off your knees you pervert" hand motion. I really, really wish I'd gotten video of that.

I'll have pictures and a vid of something else in a couple weeks or something.

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