Tuesday, November 1, 2011

This is so refreshing

From Shanghaiist: Shenhua coach invades pitch to lift injury-faking


Shanghai Shenhua's coach was so enraged by the play-acting of his own midfielder that he stormed angrily onto the pitch and dragged the offending injury-faker to his feet.


The reactions of those around Besek are priceless. Liu himself looks shocked and confused, whilst Shenhua midfielder Cao Yunding appears to be asking Besek what the hell he is doing. Meanwhile, the referee's reaction is priceless, smiling cheesily at Besek and giving him the thumbs up.

Afterwards, and in a video reel, Bezek told reporters that Liu was a professional footballer and that there are some things professional footballers should never do. He said Liu was a young player who still had a lot to learn.

Chinese soccer needs more athletes, fewer cunts.

Actually, this also applies for Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, South American, and probably French soccer, too. (Help me out, what countries am I forgetting?)

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