Saturday, October 18, 2008

An inventory of what I've done since returning from vacation

Backdated from Oct. 20.

Sunday, Oct. 12: pickup Ultimate. Met an AFP reporter named Marianne. I think it's spelled that way, anyway. Boozy Chinese dinner (BCD) afterwards, followed by drunken something-or-other at DQ and a friend's apartment.
Monday, Oct. 13: can't remember... lunch at Nainai's (grandma's).
Tuesday, Oct. 14: pickup Ultimate, then BCD with Char, Jim and Jeff.
Wednesday, Oct. 15: interviewed Chinese pet store owner for The Beijinger.
Thursday, Oct. 16: dinner at Nainai's with dad, who's in China again.
Friday, Oct. 17: lunch at Nainai's.
Saturday, Oct. 18: early morning Big Brother practice, then food at Grandma's Kitchen.

Tell me this doesn't look delicious and that you wouldn't pay 50 kuai for it. Also, they have 16 kuai all-you-can-drink coffee.

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