Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Be honest: do I look more like Optimus Prime...

...or a Klan member?

Keep in mind that I've yet to find a black marker with which to draw in the facial features of Optimus, plus you don't see my silver belt, blue shin armor and blue fists of steel, i.e. shoe boxes around my hands concealing bottles of silly string which I can blast out of apertures. Also, that tubing on my arm, when rolled up, looks so much cooler. (I have trouble getting out of that thing as is; with the tubing on my shoulders, forget about it.)

Let me explain: I'm leaving for Hong Kong tomorrow via train for an Ultimate Frisbee tournament, and at the Saturday party our team is going to dress up as characters from the catchy music video Ultimate Showdown of Ultimate Destiny and do a reenactment. One of our captains, Doc, came up with this idea, as he comes up with all our good ones. At the last tournament in Shanghai we made Monopoly placards and had conditions written on the front, such as "If hotel is owned, lick nipples." I was Waterworks. Those who stood next to me had to take a swig of baijiu, which I was double-fisting... until someone bought a bottle off me using Monopoly money.

POSTSCRIPT: The Return of Optimus Prime: the most famous Transformers episode ever?

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