Monday, June 23, 2008

Still in Shanghai

I stayed on the 35th floor of an apartment building last night in an area I'm unfamiliar with. Here's the view:

Take a look at the buildings to the left of the street (Wuding) and those to the right:

The tournament:

Saturday games:

vs. Hong Kong: lost half 6-2, then scored the next seven points, beginning with a high-release backhand on the goal line at about stall eight, after a layout catch of a sinking forehand huck. Surrendered the next two points, but hard cap went on with us leading 9-7, so 9-8 was the final.

vs. Korea: gave up the first point, then reeled off four straight with a stifling zone on our way to a 9-7 win. (Or maybe it was 10-8.)

Lunch, then bye.

vs. Ringers of Fire: lost 11-7 or something.

vs. Shanghai B: won 11-3.


vs. Singapore (quarterfinals): won 13-9. Led 12-5 at one point before giving up four in a row.

vs. Philippines: lost 13-9. I was chosen MVP by the Manilla squad and was awarded a flask of rum. It was fantastic, but I had had so much baijiu and gin the previous night (stories to come) that my body just wouldn't accept another swig.

Championship: Shanghai beat Philippines 13-9 in a closely contested game.

More pictures, etc., later. This one below is me on the party bus on the way to the bar, but I couldn't tell you, a) who took it, and b) whether this was before or after a bottle of Erguotou broke near my feet, stinking up the whole bus with the smell of baijiu. And if you haven't smelled baijiu before...

And yes, that is a Monopoly Waterworks placard around my neck.

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