Monday, June 2, 2008

In China, I find I haven't much changed

The exclamation mark (the second one, which was decided upon consciously, more so than the first, which was actually a stroke of small brilliance in humor) connotes something. A tone of voice I could never manage. An enthusiasm. A reprieve that lets the catch wriggle free back into the great sea where others await. It's good to know even here, in a different language, I'm capable of boring a cute girl to tears. And the makeup email as a sincere little sign-off -- see you later, my dear. My poor, aching heart tells you not to worry, I'm still that same ol' nice guy strolling the streets at night, and in the same breath speaks our unspoken goodbyes.

1 comment:

Epiphany said...

You are also capable of moving a cute girl to tears! Love you!