Friday, June 27, 2008

Updating and updating and updating

Ah, frak, Blogger's become unblocked and all of a sudden I've lost my motivation to post. Has my mind matured beyond transience and decided on a steadfast path to seek not happiness but contentment? Have I in these suffocating moments of languor had reason to reflect upon the very confinement choking off my air the worthiness of this all? Have I with nary a whimper fallen hopelessly and irrevocably into the sharp claws of the demon of love and readied myself to be led like a docile lamb to slaughter? Has that which sings the heart's refrain know yet to listen?

Stay tuned for more!

Two notes before the second Euro 2008 semifinal between Spain and Russia kicks off live on CCTV Olympic Channel and I turn my attention its way:

1. We had a captains' meeting for Beijing Ultimate summer league last night, and I was one of the attendees (Ultimate is taking over my life, as you can tell by these last few posts... my apologies, but this always happens). With the third overall pick, co-captain Yin and I...

So on and so forth. By the end of the 16-round, four-team draft, Yin and I had, by far, the best team. I can't wait to update our awesomeness for you throughout the summer.

2. Some of you may recognize the word "frak" -- used above -- from a certain popular Sci-fi channel TV show. I missed my 3:40 p.m. flight from Shanghai to Beijing on Tuesday because I was out at a DVD store called Even Better than Movie World (located across the street for what was formerly called Movie World) looking for a DVD box set of Battlestar Galactica. Luckily, I was transferred onto a 6 o'clock flight for no extra cost, which I also missed because it was at a different airport and our bus was stuck in traffic for two and a half hours (no exaggeration). I ended up taking a 7 o'clock, which sat on the tarmac for 40 extra minutes, inducing me to pound my head against the window and silently unleash a stream of horrible words not to be used around polite company.

I missed pickup at Deshengmen and the revelry afterwards, which was too bad because apparently I did lots of things at a party Saturday night that were worth sharing. Hmm.

Again, stay tuned.

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