Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Emptying the notebook

ESPN The Magazine website: Olympic pandas, originally submitted June 5, published on the 10th.

Also: Olympic gold rush.

Two backdated blog entries:

June 4: The Beijing Book Building

The Beijing Book Building is a tribute to bibliophiles everywhere, a seven-floor mansion containing tens of thousands of titles in several languages, each floor well-lit, prim and proper.

June 7: A Night at Houhai

Further into the night as we moved north along the waterside the air itself turned to smoke, swirling about us in rectitude like destitute refugees in an ashen wasteland searching for a likeness to attach to like suckerfish and call home. We flowed. Down a set of stairs and into the womb of a dying creature, a few signs of life and eyes of life glancing not at but past us, reminiscent of nothing.

Upcoming: China Nationals. It's been more than two weeks and I haven't sifted through the more than 1 GB worth of stuff on my camera, not to mention mental notes, etc.

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