Wednesday, June 4, 2008

The Beijing Book Building

Backdated entry, written June 10.

The Beijing Book Building is a tribute to bibliophiles everywhere, a seven-floor mansion containing tens of thousands of titles in several languages, each floor well-lit, prim and proper. Only the basement floor, where they keep their English-language originals, is not densely populated with customers.

I was there to take pictures for ESPN The Mag (story here), but I spent an extra hour looking around, eventually buying a couple of English-Chinese dictionaries, which have proven indispensable. Here are some pictures.

The Fuwas welcome you!

Beijing Book Building is also one of the government-approved locations for buying official Olympics merchandise.

Afterwards, because it was raining outside, I slipped into a Starbucks to transmit my story to ESPN The Mag, then went to Nainai's for dinner.

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