Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Jam band performing at a bar tucked between Old and New Beijing

I'm always happy to discover good live music in Beijing, such as Pet Conspiracy and Hao Yunyu, but it's so much easier to "discover" bands when you have a friend in them.

Presenting... Lan Daotian (蓝稻田, Blue Rice Paddies) and drummer Kevin Reitz, who played Saturday night at Hot Cat Club, which is tucked away in a hutong between Beixingqiao and Lama Temple. The location is near Dongzhimen, one of Beijing's many symbols of its sprawling, concrete-based modernity. Hot Cat Club, alas, is a throwback, a place with portraits of Thom Yorke on its walls and squat toilets in the alley. (Only one of those things is good.)

Without further ado...

This is Kevin (as is this, but he probably hopes you don't click on that), and this was him last year playing at Nashville Bar during the Paralympics Opening Ceremony.

POSTSCRIPT: Never a bad time to give a shout-out to friends' bands, such as this bluegrass quartet now called The Redbucks.

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