Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Introducing: BlackVPN

I think you can try BlackVPN (yes, another VPN) for free for two weeks or something, but I haven't tested it out. Of course, I use Witopia and am absurdly satisfied and have no need to change.

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POSTSCRIPT: Re: Google: Don't say Chinese netizens aren't creative/don't have time on their hands (via ChinaHush).


BlackVPN fan said...

BlackVPN is awesome for its cheap pricing.

Positive points:
1)Never had any problems with connection dropping or slow speeds. Speeds always reach my capped speed.
2)Very detailed installation instructions and easy to follow for newbies like me for every OS so you wont face any problems installing!
3)Really worth the price you pay!

Negative points:
1)Maybe they could add more payment options other than paypal.
2)Not much details on their service such as their encryption etc.

Overall worth it for the price you pay and i highly recommend it!

Anonymous said...

to add-
on weekends I experience somewhat slow connection

overall echo the last comment- worth the price and recommended!

Raviv On

Anonymous said...

Purchase 1 month and get 2 months FREE with BlackVPN when you sign up using referral code KBJWVMH

SG said...

So far I have had good luck with BlackVPN. The speed has been great, but I with the price was a little lower.


Nole said...

I am using and I am very satisfied with their service.

Anonymous said...

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Richard B. McCall said...

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