Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Not really sure about this translation (shanxi love is love?), via Shanxi's CBA site.

Well, it's official: Marbury's coming to China.

The Shanxi club announced on its website that Marbury arrived in Taiyuan via Beijing on flight MU5300, after an 18-hour plane ride from the States (the detail!). Said Marbury: "Before when I was talking about China, it seemed like a long way off, but now that I'm at China's airport, sitting here, the feeling is completely different. It's real.

"This is the starting point of my new journey, and I'm very excited. I'll be able to show my personality to Chinese fans. I am enthusiastic, perhaps a bit crazy, but I will let the fans know how real I am in the end."

Apologies if that's not taken verbatim -- I am, after all, translating a translation of Marbury's words.

Shanxi plays vs. Qingdao today, then in Jinan, Shandong Province, on Friday, where Marbury is unlikely to suit up, and then at home on Sunday. Then the Starbury will be released -- in his low-cost basketball shoes, of course.

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cynicalicious said...

ha ha. "China's airport".