Sunday, March 28, 2010

Kunming travel article in the Beijinger

From a few days back (or a few weeks, since I'm backdating this on April 8)... the Beijinger:

I’m sitting in a bar/restaurant/café called Salvador’s in downtown Kunming when Jim, a friend who’s made this trip with me to the city of eternal spring, finds a small mountain of ice cream amid two bananas all slathered in chocolate sauce placed before his eyes. As I’m staring agog at this glob of gooey awesomeness, he looks at it and looks at me, looks at it and back at me, then looks at it again and lets out a hysteric chuckle, an expression of disbelief at his luck. So this is how banana splits are made in the south.

This would be a recurring theme of our trip: taking way too much delight in the most ordinary of things.

Facebook album here.

Optimus Prime

Nordica Art Gallery -- should be viewed in conjunction with these pictures

Green Lake Park

From Salvador's

Bird and Flower Market

Dai restaurant

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