Friday, March 12, 2010

Um... welcome, Italian, French, and Spanish readers?

Okay, I've calmed down, and -- prodded by a couple of commenters -- have reread the column that threw me into fits yesterday.

The opening sentence should have been a dead giveaway:

The most frightening piece of writing I've read recently is a Wall Street Journal (WSJ) blog about my colleague Alessandro.

Colleague Alessandro. That's brilliant. Now I feel stupid for pointing it out in my blog post -- the "keeping up the ruse" part -- but not taking what I said to heart.

Within the first paragraph, another giveaway: discussing vaginas amid the Chinese ambition of gaining a bigger voice among foreign audiences.

The mockery of WSJ is obvious. I missed it the first time around. Simply missed.

And if it's not clear yet...

Oddly enough, I feel more frightened than ashamed after reading the blog titled A Vulgar Turn in China's International Media Ambition...

It goes on. Nice work, guys. I take back all that I said that didn't involve the word vagina. Look forward to buying y'all a drink.

And now, I refer you to the Italian newspaper The Republic. (And this Italian in New York also thinks Alessandro is a genius.)

POSTSCRIPT: Getting a lot of hits from French and Italian and Spanish Google...

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