Thursday, April 15, 2010

Links: Quick-and-dirty edition

Hot or not? Hmm...

  • China Hush, which supplied the above picture, notes that Japanese AV idol Sora Aoi is causing quite a stir in China, perhaps single-handedly driving a citizen- (or Netizen-) led campaign to -- with apologies to Chris Jericho -- break down the Great Firewall. Interestingly, if you Google "Sora Aoi," you quickly come to the website Bukkake TV. Um, NSFW.

  • Lead (also from China Hush): "Not long ago, Dr. Zhang Hongyan encountered an embarrassing moment at the hospital emergency room: a woman dressed in rags was sent to the hospital with her lower body attached to her pet dog’s genital." Apparently the woman had her nine-year-old son help her make the call to the hospital. Believe it or not. Perhaps the only thing more bewildering than this article is the top comment, from Samuel, a first-class example of missing the point: "great article. thank you so much for sharing. this is a social problem that needs to be address in the future as China emerges as an influential power.

  • More women of China, via Danwei.

  • Kunming isn't all sunshine and that tourist-guide shit. Here, GoKunming exposes the darker side of the city's management officers.

  • Just for fun: some really harsh words from China Daily letter-writers.

  • Because good sites deserve recognition: Sinosplice.

  • Reuters's China blog has again changed URLs as it's merged with the Japan beat into a "Global News Journal."

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