Wednesday, February 23, 2011

An "ad" for Blue Ocean Network that has since been taken down

Originally posted on the Beijinger by what we can only guess was a disgruntled former employee:

Are you a savvy businessperson or a creative visionary? Neither? Well you've come on the right place! BON TV otherwise known as Blue Ocean Network is launching a search for a new executive managers. If you have the skill, desire and experience manage the programming output of an English-language international television network, please contact us, because at this point, we are trouble. We have a very difficult time maintaing staff because foreigners just don't like us that much. This is tough because we r trying to make cool shows for africans and white people for watching. Let me make this clear, we really need help asap and this is a great opportunity for anyone in between jobs or for recently graduated students who may or may not be interested in television. We are just looking for a caucasiod. Last 2 programming managers cancelled their position left company withinside of 2 months.

You can come for tyring start new shows. But we can't pay while you try to start and if no starting then no pay. oNly pay for minutes on tv! but if you have good ideas on new shows you can surely success!

Most of our programs are commercials. We find a sponsor to pay a program and to pay our salories and then we try to produce the program for least money. u can see samples shows at . Less jonalism and more business.

We are wanting a Head of Network Programming to successfully makes and schedule our showss for broadcast internationally. If you are the one for this management roll, keep reading.

Essential Skills and Experience:
1. Excellent understanding that network television is a business like any other. (not too much money for show more for making us)
2. Excellent understanding that TV networks compete with each other, across multiple media delivery platforms. (but hrad because very little editorial credability)
3. Develop channel across multiple formats internationally (we make phone vidoes!)
4. Determine and improve audience ratings for market segments and geographic locations. (haven't done this yet)
5. Gauge constantly shifting and fragmented audience tastes to build a morning, daytime and primetime TV schedule that draws the most viewers possible. (:))
6. Detailed understanding of business benefits of streaming video technologies and mobile devices
Description of this channel development and scheduling role:
1. Identify good show ideas and generally supervise concept to debut processes. (we can't pay for this)
2. Analyze and report past ratings successes and failures to figure out the best time of year to launch a new show. (raitings not have now)

Salary: exuberant;
Start Date: Immediate, our last 2 quit very recenty
Working Hours: Full-time (8-8pm) and occasional weekend hours
Language Skills: Some spoken Mandarin Chinese would be an advantage
The start date of this role is immediate and coincides with new channel launches in Spring 2011 on various cable, IPTV and satellite networks in North America and Asia. If you feel you qualify to take this role on, please send us your resume, and cover letter explain why you feel you are the best candidate for this role. We will contact suitable candidates for interview.
Tel: +86 (10) 65588181
Thank you.

I remember my days interning at BON. The staff was ... hard-working. But I knew it wasn't going to work when they made me do daily afternoon exercises.

POSTSCRIPT: If you must have a look at the original page, here it is from Google's cache.

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