Tuesday, February 8, 2011

In a nutshell, everything that's wrong about the Chinese education system

Methinks there's something wrong with this picture... here are three paragraphs, successively, from China Daily about an 18-year-old student's college entrance exam essay, which was written in classical Han Chinese:

[Scholar of classical literature] Wu [Xinjiang] later told the media that Wang's writing skills were good enough for a postgraduate student of classical literature.

Despite a lack of original thought or deep insight, Wang's essay was widely circulated on the Internet over the past couple of weeks.

It has also won him admission into the prestigious Southeast University in Nanjing as an undergraduate student of civil engineering, a subject he wished to pursue.

If civil engineering is his passion, then by all means, good luck to him. Wang sounds like a good student, despite the lack of originality (somewhat a problem that can be corrected over time). The literature department of some poor college surely misses him.

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