Thursday, September 10, 2009

"Pioneer Girl" hits China (Deadspin)

Deadspin, for those who've never lived in the States, is a website from the Gawker network of snarky people-watchers that focuses on sports.

This recent post doesn't really, and to think of it, it doesn't really have all that much to do about China, but I link to it anyway as a reminder to myself how funny Deadspin's commenters can be -- certainly funnier than the commenters on this blog. Kevin, you have work to do.

Even though many angry people voiced their displeasure with Blazer Girl's appearances on Deadspin, one newspaper has been wowed by her brazenness and her hatred of all things Los Angeles. Pioneer Girl to the rescue.

Yes, for some reason, a Chinese newspaper did a lengthy feature on our feisty gal in Oregon and through the magic of Google Translator, we can somewhat make out what the hell they're babbling about.

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kevinreitz said...

That's really not fair, since as far as this blog (and yours in general)is (are)concerned, i alone make up the commenting population.

And we will not stand for this. We will lash out like an angry pitchfork wielding mob, blinded by rage, stabbing violently at shapes and colors in the darkness.

Anonymous said...

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