Saturday, September 5, 2009

Mbeewan and the Chi’n'i Band

Last night at Ginkgo Bar, Mbeewan (Moussa Boudra) (bar website: "a multi-instrumentalist and composer-songwriter for more than 10 years, is the lead singer of iRieTEAM, a French Nu-Roots Reggae band created 5 years ago, and whose first album will be released in 2009") played his last gig in Beijing, a fun and energetic show that lasted well into the night. A packed crowd danced and sang along, even Americans who may or may not have understood a word of Mbeewan's French.

Regretfully, I have neither photos or videos to share, but here's Mbeewan from an earlier performance (not in China, don't think).

And Ginkgo, which hosted this American bluegrass band last month, is quickly becoming a go-to place for music and dance. It's located at Andingmen and is one of the only bars in the area, so it actually feels "tucked away," even though it's hard for any foreign bar (French, in this case) to truly blend into any local neighborhood.

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