Monday, September 7, 2009

McDull Kungfu Ding Dong Ding

Anytime a public figure like Rosie O'Donnell says something along the lines of, "Ching chong chong chong chong" on national TV and gets excoriated for being "racist," I grimace. Racist, really? I highly doubt that as Rosie was making a fool of herself with chingchongchongchongchong, something in her subconscious was working up a bile-filled vat of hate against the Chinese. I suspect those making the "racist" accusation are either the overly sensitive type or, if Chinese, too insecure about their own language or some part of their identity. Everyone would do themselves so much better by calling stunt's like Rosie's what it is -- moronic, sophomoric, stupid -- and moving on with their lives.

There's also this fact, which doesn't help the cause of those crying foul: Chinese really does sound silly to the foreign ear. This is hardly specific to the Chinese, however. I've always imagined the visual equivalent to spoken German is a gang of leather-clad S&M kooks with mohawks descending upon elderly women with chain-saws. Cantonese sounds worse -- don't ask me for a visual equivalent of that. My point is, Chinese is weird, what with its oscillating tones and hard consonants. And, look, it HAS to be said that the Chinese -- assuming they care what Westerners think <wry grin> -- aren't helping their case with movies titled McDull Kungfu Ding Dong Ding.

No, seriously. McDull Kungfu Ding Dong Ding.

It's the fourth in a series of Hong Kong-created movies featuring the piglet McDull (麥兜, pictured to the right), and it's immensely popular with the public, grossing more than 70 million Yuan so far. Here's the official website.

I have nothing more to say.

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