Friday, September 26, 2008

On the eve of the American presidential debate...

A few things to read:

  • NYT: Roger Cohen's Sept. 25 column was... exceptional.

    I’m going to try to make this simple. On the Democratic side you have a guy whose campaign has been based on the Internet, who believes America may have something to learn from other countries (like universal health care) and who’s unafraid in 2008 to say he’s a “proud citizen of the United States and a fellow citizen of the world.”

    On the Republican side, you have a guy who, in 2008, is just discovering the Net and Google and whose No. 2 is a woman who got a passport last year and believes she understands Russia because Alaska is closer to Siberia than Alabama.

  • Salon's Glenn Greenwald, who should alway be read, on Sarah Palin.

  • Sadly No, which should also always be read, also has a take.

  • I regret not getting Comedy Central or watching more of their shows online. Jon Stewart, folks.

  • I love science quizzes, like this one from Nature News. McCain... not so much.

  • Cup of Cha finds some interesting similarities between Palin's words and President Clinton's...

I'll wrap this up because politics can only be indulged for so long before it bites your nose off. Just one more thing:

Both parts of the interview here. Nice job, Katie Couric.