Monday, September 1, 2008

Pictures of the day

Couple Saturdays ago I went to Wukesong to watch Olympic baseball with Sandy and Kevin, where I lost my camera. Luckily, Kevin Reitz took some pictures:

Don't let anyone tell you ribbon-twirling is easy.

Kevin blogged about the day here.

POSTSCRIPT: For no particular reason at all, your weblog read of the day: Is human sex improving? [NSFW]

It's in Chinese, so I'll translate the first few sentences:

Is our sex life in modern times better than it was in ancient times? Do we do it better? Worse? Scientists say that although humanity branched off some 10,000 years ago, there are certain pleasures accorded to people in modern times that people of any era can experience.

It goes on to talk make a point that humanity's pursuit of sex through the ages qualifies the race as intelligent. Etc.

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