Monday, February 22, 2010

The most psychedelic spring festival gala performance, by far

In case you missed the annual spring festival gala on CCTV or any of its 500 subsequent reruns, don't fear: you can watch it all online, and for the Chinese deficient... with English subtitles!

With a running time that's just a shade under eternity, it was impossible for the show to not have at least a few interesting skits and dance/music performances, some that might accurately be described as "good." None of them, however, came close to entertaining me as much as this thing that happens at around the 11:30 mark of this video.

For those who don't have time to watch, here are two screenshots:

It's called "Night in the Toy Shop" and is based on a neat concept -- Toy Story meets Nutcracker. It starts out perfectly sane, but then stuffed pandas and scary clock faces and turtles get involved and soon we the kids begin sing-saying these words by Ren Weixin (and this is all from CCTV9's scrolling subtitle): "I like you / Do you like me / Let's play a game / Do you like me / I like you / I like you / Do you like me / Let's be friends / Do you like me / I like you / It's so wonderful to have more friends / I like you / You like me / Do you mind my slow react / Do you like me / I like you / Look, the shark is coming / I look ferocious / Do you like me / I like you / I like you / Let's comb your hair" [sic, multiple times].

WTF, mate? Seriously, WTF?

POSTSCRIPT 1: The musical performance just before this one was quite cool.

POSTSCRIPT 2: Fireworks are dangerous, kids.

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