Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Worth reading (and a blog addition)

China-related reading from last week:

  • Chinageeks: "Education, critical thinking, and creativity." Also see, from two weeks ago: NYT: "Education as a path to conformity." And please note that the president of Yale University seems to think Chinese universities can rank "among the top ten most elite academies in the world" with 25 years.

  • ESWN: Translation of Han Han's speech at Xiamen University: I thought to myself, "Buddy, it would be so wonderful if you could put your awe-inspiring imagination into literary creation instead of literary censorship!"

  • Patrick Chovanec: "Does mating competition drive China's high savings rate?"

  • Jeffery Wasserstrom, Time: "Big China Books: Enough of the Big Picture." Remember, the best China watchers don't know what's going to happen next.

  • China Law Blog: 25 people to follow on Twitter (with a caveat).

  • CN Reviews translation of Chinese blogger Acosta: "A small window into one of China's most popular blogs." (I'd like to point your attention to Brett Zamir's comment, which reminds me of the Russian novelists Tolstoy and Dostoevsky's take on a life well lived: through the appreciation of the everyday labors that sustain us and the grains of "gold in sand" that bring us happiness. Not politics, not high-minded liberalism, certainly not 24-hour news channels. Writes Zamir, "I visited a kibbutz once and when I asked the tour guide what happened when people didn’t work enough, she said she was too busy to worry about what other people were doing.")

  • From ChinaHush, a lovely story of the miracle of love (or something...): The Notebook 2, anyone?

  • Lost Laowai: "The 'State Network Information Center' wants to spy on you. Here's how to stop them..."

  • We can rebuild him -- we have the technology. Burnt tower can be repaired?

  • And finally: Super Bowl ads!

Newly added to blogroll: Sinologistical Violoncellist.

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