Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Not exactly the way to go about evicting someone

Last night, artists in Zhengyang Creative Art Zone were attacked by a large group of men in what is believed to be an eviction-related assault. If you'll remember, the artists at Zhengyang have steadfastly refused to vacate the premises of their district despite repeated threats from developers and their goons. The artists "fought" back with exhibitions to attract media attention, which was strong at the outset but has dwindled recently.

About 20 artists took to Changan Jie yesterday in protest, drawing the attention of Global Times. According to the article,

The group began its march at Jianguomen, holding posters saying "Civil Rights!" and yelling slogans such as "Capital Beijing, brutal demolition!" Their posters were confiscated.


Li Jiemin, deputy party chief of Jinzhan Township, vowed that "a police investigation will find out who is behind the incident. I can assure you the township government had nothing to do with the incident."

Three of the assailants were allegedly captured by artists and turned over to police, which should lead to a quick determination of who the ringleaders were and swift but necessary justice absolutely nothing.

Imagine seeing your livelihood -- your life's work, including that which has made you immensely proud -- get pulled down from their shelves, from the walls, shattered on the ground without dignity or reason. And destroyed by a bunch of hoodlums adorned in symbols of incorrigible power, faceless hoodlums wielding clubs, who jumped out of the night from military trucks. How angry would that make you?

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