Thursday, January 27, 2011

Inaugural Kro's Nest trivia: tonight

Jim and I will be at The Kro's Nest at 35 Xiaoyun Lu tonight (that's Thursday, just to clear up any confusion) from 8 pm onwards hosting Kro's first trivia night. It'll be our first time in action since the Super Quiz and, before that, October 26, at good ol' Souk Lounge (now defunct; the owner's moved to HLG Lounge in Solana; don't bother looking it up, you won't find it; it's in the basement of HLG Club (what?)). It seems like it's been forever since we last did this, but we're all fired up, not to mention fresh as the Steelers defense was in the first half vs. the Jets.

We've gotten some pretty good press recently, such as this endorsement from Kirby Carder on Jim Boyce's blog ("These guys know how to run a trivia contest"). I've put up an ad on the Beijinger and City Weekend with links to China Daily and Global Times' respective reviews of our gig. CD's Lauren Johnson was especially friendly when she described our quiz as "American-centered" (true) before dissing the other quizzes as "European-based, asking questions that deal with football and F1." Football and F1 -- how awful, truly. CW also threw in a nice little compliment when it made us an Editor's Pick:

Test your knowledge of American trivia at Beijing's best pizzeria. Teams of up to six compete for prizes during every round. During the quiz, buy any five beers for just ¥100, and indulge in a post-trivia happy hour that kicks off at 10:30pm.

Couldn't have said it better myself.

Geez. That's a lot of self-promotion. I'm going to go scrub myself now.

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