Monday, January 3, 2011

Why censorship is detrimental, among other reasons

Backdated on January 6.

Because people might miss out on great reads such as these: from China Government Watch, review of Stefan Halper's book, The Beijing Consensus: How China's Authoritarian Model Will Dominate the Twenty-First Century; quite the discussion over at Peking Duck about "effeminate Asian men" -- question mark -- prompting this comment; well, most things on China Hush, but this line: "social trust will come to extinction down the line"; this bizarro from Danwei; blog that has just come to my attention: Fear of a Red Planet.

Apologies for backdating ... had to do it.

POSTSCRIPT: Sickening; "Villager's Death Ignites Fury in China" [NYT]. Lot of murders recently. Not sure why.

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