Thursday, January 27, 2011

My new hero, Yang Youde

Badass of the Week:

The big shot pompous assholes of SuperMechaCorp Developers offered Youde the Chinese monetary equivalent of about $19,000 for his land, which amounts to roughly one-fifth of what the farm is actually worth. When Youde brought this up in "negotiations", the developers told him that if he didn't agree to it they would send a couple dozen guys to beat the fuck out of him in the hopes that some massive head trauma would help him change his mind. Youde told them to hump a lawnmower.


On May 25, Yang Youde said that several dozen men came armed with shields and helmets behind bulldozers. This time, Yang Youde fired several shots. Before firing, he used a megaphone to declare aloud: "I kept mentioning Document 46 (2009) and the lack of an agreement about the land." At the same time, he yelled, "This is going to cause injuries on both sides." Yang Youde said that he was forced to open fire when the evictors continued to advance.

SMH headline: China farmer uses cannon to fight eviction

NTDTV: a video!

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