Thursday, January 6, 2011

Municipal traffic administration to raise parking fees to 10 yuan starting April 1 in four areas around Third Ring Road

Sweet Almighty God All-Vengeful, Smite These Vile Corrupters At Last And Cleanse Us With Your Blood.


In other news, the Beijinger is currently running a contest to "solve the traffic nightmare" (lots of exclamation marks appended). Here's my entry:

I think driving is great. I love driving. Cars are an essential part of civilization, and we should not limit vehicle ownership or license registration if we expect China to be a GREAT COUNTRY. The government should subsidize fuel costs and bring back the tax subsidies for owners of small-engine vehicles, which really pollute less and can fit into tighter spaces so they don't really contribute to any traffic problems. Did you know the invention of the auto-mobile corresponds with the emergence of the awesome Western military-industrial complex? It is sort of like having a gun in your pants. (That is a metaphor.) Sometimes I go home at night and put my car inside my girlfriend. Yes, I have a girlfriend! I love my car.

^^^ …yeah, that needs to change.

Admin didn't understand. Saddy-face.

It did give me the chance -- possibly for the first time ever -- to use the :D emoticon though:

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