Thursday, January 6, 2011

Macaronic gibberish

This is real:

I would love to hear the internal company discussion that led to the formation of that website. I really cannot fathom. It's like a cat named the thing.

Very interestingly enough, the URL is a dead link if your VPN is on. If it's OFF, however, the wonders of Chinese Internet gobble up that salmagundi and spit this out:

Still more interesting, that URL also doesn't work if you have a VPN on. Reverse Great Firewall? (I use a Mac and can't run China Channel, but if someone with that Firefox extension wants to turn on the VPN and turn on China Channel before trying to access the Pinsou link, I'd be very curious to know the results.)

If you were wondering, the site is for Beilecheng Children's Gym, located near Ditan Park (Temple of Earth).

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