Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Can't say the Chinese don't know sex

This sort of piggybacks on an earlier entry today about Chinabounder...

A compendious list of articles I encountered yesterday related to sex/violence in China -- stuff Law and Order: SVU would be proud to have -- some of it, I warn beforehand, quite graphic:

Subway voyeurs
(Shanghaiist): This video entitled “这个女人太要了” ("This girl wants it too much") uploaded to Youtube just five days ago has received over 317,000 views and raised a storm on the Chinese internet. [Video no longer available]

"Shanghai passions" (HT: Shanghaiist, China Smack): two girls on a subway train.

17-year-old Chinese girl beaten and raped; Video on Chinese web (Shanghaiist, via some French website)

Three more from China Smack, a popular site growing more popular by the day:

From China.org:

  • Chinese Attitudes Toward Sex Maturing
  • But it's not quite there yet: Most children get evasive responses or even a scolding for asking such "embarrassing" questions as "How did I come into this world?" or "Why do men and women use different toilets?"
  • Attitude shift among women: According to a survey conducted among the women in Chengdu City, Sichuan Province, over 80 percent of women surveyed attach importance to the quality of sexual life, the ratio exceeds 95 percent among those with a college education level and above.

Research center for sex culture (Shanghai Daily)

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