Thursday, July 3, 2008

Presenting... your 18-hole Frisbee golf course at Chaoyang Park!

Backdated entry, written -- as this week's backdated entries all are -- in the wee hours just past midnight on July 5, when America's in the middle of celebrating Independence Day and Beijing's getting pounded by rain.

Jeff, Misha, Candice, Jen (and Jen's friend, Morgan) -- eventually joined by Chris and Philip Boehner -- and I went to Chaoyang Park Wednesday and created, out of genius and ingenuity, an 18-hole course which I am proud to publicize, for the first time, on this blog.

Here it is:
  1. Par 3: Opener. Aiming for trash can from top step
  2. Par 3: Red sign. Red sign from trash can
  3. Par 3: Column. Last pink column on the right side from behind the red sign
  4. Par 4: Carnival. Under the park bench located in front of the dome structure from information kiosk located at the center of the carnival
  5. Par 4: Dome. White side of sign just around the bend of the dome; every time the disc does not touch either the side of the dome or the final objective, +1 stroke
  6. Par 5: Ladybug. Far ladybug (any part counts) from sidewalk
  7. Par 3: Path. Trash can from sidewalk; disc must stay on the sidewalk at all times, otherwise +1 stroke
  8. Par 3: Red sign, part 2. Red sign down the sidewalk from trash can
  9. Par 4: Light post: Middle light post up the hill and back down from the bottom of the hill

    Front nine: par 32

    Walk right and past the carnival until you come to an opening. There should be a smooth road that stretches infinitely (seemingly) to both the left and right. Face left.

  10. Par 4: Road. Light post at far, far end of the road from the sidewalk
  11. Par 4: Sign. Sign at far end of tree-lined pathway from sidewalk (beware of the water harzard to the left)
  12. Par 5: Bench. On top of the bench from the manhole lid (water hazard still in play)
  13. Par 3: Column, part 2. Pink column on opposite side of reflection pond from around the pink column that was the conclusion of hole 3.
  14. Par 3: Diamond. Green diamond-shaped bathroom sign from top of step
  15. Par 3: Bridge. Anywhere on the bridge from the line where the sidewalk changes colors
  16. Par 4: Axes. Through the inner red circle (the one with the axes crisscrossing it) from the bridge
  17. Par 4: Mushroom. Seventh mushroom down the sidewalk from inside the circle of the previous hole
  18. Par 4: Finale. Either the pink or orange face (must hit plastic) of the sign around the corner from the sidewalk (backtrack from the previous hole about 30 meters)

    Back nine: par 34
    Total: 66
Happy frolfing!

Misha's head peaking out of the rough on hole 12, when by the grace of God his disc stayed dry after a horrendous first shot.

POSTSCRIPT: But please, remember, this is a public park, and above all else the safety of the parkgoers needs to be respected, if for no other reason than because they could get us kicked out. Seriously. And Candice, if you almost hit an employee in the head one more time...

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kevinreitz said...

You need to print out official score cards for this.

Hole number, Par, and Destination should suffice.