Monday, July 7, 2008

"Howdy Doody"

This passage, from the blog Absurdity, Allegory and China, about George Dubya Bush's recent decision to attend the Olympics and his reasons for it, is incredible in so many ways:

Back in 1975-76 when dad, George Walker, was envoy to China, young Dubya spent some of his seed-sowing days in the late-Mao capital, and only God knows what he did and who he met, much like his time in the flight-jacketed reserves. For all we know there may be someone special in Beijing. In the world of power and politics it is never a stretch to imagine that a beauty would lay down with Howdy Doody to seal a future deal. And in the pre-Viagra days of the late Cultural Revolution, there were plenty of young beauties lining up to bed a lot older men of influence than the goofy looking son of a future president: George Walker.

Well done, AAC. Well done.

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