Saturday, July 5, 2008

"Hey will you spin your belt?"

Backdated entries from this past week:

MONDAY, JUNE 30: The morning after, and ESPN The Magazine: How a dead hooker ended up in my bed.

TUESDAY, JULY 1: Frolf at Ditan with Sandy and Cowboy Jeff. The strangest chant this side of Falun Gong.

THURSDAY, JULY 3: Watching Kung Fu Panda, and a clip from Shanghai: a clip of Joe, a.k.a. Mini-Hulk, serenading Molly, a.k.a. Smegma a.k.a. Smeglips a.k.a. Smegus (feel free to Urban Dictionary any of those).


FRIDAY, JULY 4: Dinner with dad, and... nice view.

Note: The Friday, July 4 Blueberry Nights entry refers to an event that happened the night of Wednesday, July 2... just in case that wasn't clear. That leaves the question, What did I do Friday?

Oh, you'll see... you'll see. Here's a quick preview:

Photo credit: Me

Who is Boehner? This is Boehner (video from Shanghai):

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