Monday, July 21, 2008

A website so popular it broke the Internet

Welcome to the blog roll, China Smack -- really a rather amazing resource, and a little surprising it's only now something like this has come into existence.

From the ABOUT section:

Q. 你怎么丢中国人的脸,把些见不人的事登给外国人看?你没面子吗?
A. 说实话,我懒得跟你解释。你不明白就算了。


Q. How can you be such an embarrassment to Chinese people, publishing hard-to-find news for foreigners to read? Have you no pride?
A. To tell you the truth, I have no interest in explaining this to you. If you don't understand, too bad.

And keep up the interesting work that breaks the Internet... sort of.
[UPDATE, 2/28/12: The link no longer connects to what it used to connect to.]

POSTSCRIPT: Linked from the site, another story of the Chinese Netizen lynch mob at work. Sickening.

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