Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Models are hotter than you

ESPN The Mag recently ran* my story about adidas's opening of its largest Brand Center worldwide at the Sanlitun Village Shopping Center (this is what I was doing Friday). The day sort of sucked -- I did an interview that morning, then lost the tape recorder on the cab to Sanlitun; to make it worse, it was pouring rain when I got out of the car -- but the fashion show... that most definitely did not suck.

Here are pictures, and there's a video at the end.

Yes, that's Gilbert Arenas.

Can you spot him?

*I was steamed when I saw they ran the adidas story under my "Beijing Bureau" heading and not the original story I sent, which I spent much longer time working on. But apparently they're saving it for tomorrow, so I can calm down -- and maybe go back to bed, since I was woken this morning by the aunt after just four hours of shuteye.

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