Tuesday, January 17, 2012

798's Yang Art Gallery is worth visiting. Here's proof

The picture above was googled upon (well, Baidu'd, technically) while searching for miscellany related to "Yang Gallery." So I ask now:

Is Yang Gallery the type of place you might be interested in?

798 Art Zone has received its fair share of criticism for being over-commercialized, but plenty of small- and medium-sized galleries there continue to impress, with Yang being one of them. Yesterday, on a day when most galleries and museums can be expected to be closed (Monday), Yang was open (as were [in order of my strolling through them] 798 Photo Gallery, Chuan Cheng Art Center, Sanmu International Art [no website] and the newly opened Art Bridge).

Some highlights:

Zhang Yucong (张郁葱): Keep Going
Rebarbative buildings colored the maroon hue of construction -- "progress" -- rise above ghostly figures moving through the swamps and shadows of all that is forgotten, or perhaps never remembered.

Jin Yu (金宇): Dance
Pressed against a glass, look at the creases in their dresses: the lines are sharp and straight. Unrelated thought: this painting is rich in metaphor.

Liu Liguo (刘力国): Living in Harmony
You would fuck her. Even the strangely attired one.

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