Thursday, January 5, 2012

Moral situation, moral situation, moral situation

Communist Party policy magazines are a hoot. On the heels of Hu Jintao's comments, there's now this latest (as reported by Global Times)...

The morality situation in China has been improving, according to an article published in Qiushi, the Communist Party of China Central Committee's flagship magazine devoted to policy-making.

Pray thee, tell.

"The reason for the hesitation in helping strangers is that the Chinese traditional culture of 'social acquaintance' is transforming into a 'strangers' society' culture, while the system of social controls and curbs is weakening," it said.

The "strangers' society culture" bullshit is just bullshit that is meaningless, because it is bullshit. The phrase "system of social controls and curbs is weakening" is worth perhaps a second of your attention, because who the fuck needs a healthy blood pressure? Let it spike through my ears, I say.

In summary: Chinese are reluctant to help strangers in need because the system of social controls and curbs is weakening.

Not because of, say, lazy judges who are more concerned about clearing their dockets than actually weighing goddamn evidence, thus setting a legal precedent that has a real effect on the choices that citizens make -- because fuck if a judicial decision in NANJING affects people elsewhere. Not like the Internet does shit like transmit INFORMATION.

Anyway, "social controls" -- maybe I understand what that means: something like a Good Samaritan Law, the kind that took the Seinfeld gang off the air. I wouldn't have chosen the phrase "social controls," but hey, potato, potahto. Perhaps a law is necessary to get people to behave a certain way, a more "moral" way.

But "curbs"? Like...


Fuck it, you mean censorship. You mean Chinese people have too much fucking freedom to fuck around and make fucking money and fantasize about fucking Western women and fuck if they care about some old dude dying on the street.

This is what you mean, because you're fucking idiots. Witness:

"The heated discussion of a morality crisis and the condemnation of immorality just reflect the public's great desire for a better moral situation," said Cai [Xia, professor within the Party School of the CPC's Central Committee], adding that as the main part of society, the people's thought represents that of society, therefore it is reasonable to say the moral situation in the country has been improving.

"In the age of moral pluralism, officials' and Party members' positive exemplary roles are needed to guide the public," she said.

And now, Sir Walter Raleigh, to cleanse your brain:

A Description of Love

Now what is love? I pray thee, tell.
It is that fountain and that well
Where pleasure and repentance dwell.
It is perhaps the sauncing bell
That tolls all into heaven or hell:
And this is love, as I hear tell.

Yet what is love? I pray thee say.
It is a work on holy-day;
It is December matched with May;
When lusty bloods, in fresh array,
Hear ten months after of the play:
And this is love, as I hear say.

Yet what is love? I pray thee sain.
It is a sunshine mixed with rain;
It is a tooth-ache, or like pain;
It is a game where none hath gain;
The lass saith no, and would full fain:
And this is love, as I hear sain.

Yet what is love? I pray thee say.
It is a yea, it is a nay,
A pretty kind of sporting fray;
It is a thing will soon away;
Then take the vantage while you may:
And this is love, as I hear say.

Yet what is love, I pray thee show.
A thing that creeps, it cannot go;
A prize that passeth to and fro;
A thing for one, a thing for mo;
And he that proves must find it so:
And this is love, sweet friend, I trow.

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