Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Migrant workers are better than you. Just look

The Horror. Only the truly beatific can endure shit like what you see depicted above. They are better people than us. China Hush has more pictures from this Spring Festival travel season, which hasn't even begun. Also see: China Smack.

Because the exact thing China is missing is more unemployed Americans to teach English. But Jonathan Levine will buy you a male prostitute duck. #NYTimesRunsAnotherStupidChinaStory [NY Times]

Corollary: As Sinostand puts it: "When I first came to China a foreign friend told me a saying that floats around in the expat community: 'Foreigners who move to China are either looking for something or running away from something.'" Of course, Sinostand was talking about a sexual predator, but we're all running away from something, aren't we? Death.


Pvt. Danny Chen, 1992-2011. So fucking young. [NY Magazine]

Corollary: If you can stand it, here are Chinese reactions to ethnic Chinese Americans who have died in war, as translated by China Smack. Here's one passive-aggressive (or pacifist-warmongering?) take: "So one should get respect just for being a soldier? The Japanese bastards who participated in the Nanjing Massacre were also 'soldiers,' so you also think that bunch of beasts should also of course be given respect? Is that what you think? Come out and respond to me, and if you don’t come out and respond to my question then you’re just an ignorant 2B. Sorry everyone, I’ve yelled at someone yet again."

The cleverest official of them all. "After the ruse was found out, Wu responded: 'I'm a web user too, and I have a right to ask my own questions.'" [China Media Project]

Fuck you, Fang Binxing. I don't really know what this means, and besides, I use Witopia, but maybe you're interested. "'When a Tor client within China connected to a US-based bridge relay, we consistently found that at the next round 15 minute interval (HH:00, HH:15, HH:30, HH:45), the bridge relay would receive a probe from hosts within China that not only established a TCP connection, but performed an SSL negotiation, an SSL renegotiation, and then spoke the Tor protocol sufficiently to build a one-hop circuit and send a BEGIN_DIR cell. No matter what TCP port the bridge was listening on, once a Tor client from China connected, within 3 minutes of the next 15 minute interval we saw a series of probes including at least one connection speaking the Tor protocol,' Tim Wilde, a software engineer at Team Cymru, wrote in an analysis of the incident, which he helped investigate." [Threat Post]

Gongxi gongxi. Somewhere Zhang Yimou's ears perk up: "Gong Li?" No, silly. Jia Zhangke, China's auteur, has tied the knot with Zhao Tao, who has starred in many of his movies -- "among the best Chinese films of the past decade," according to dGenerate Films.

New to the Blogroll: China in Africa: The Real Story; china Avant-garde; Screening China; dGenerate Films. Also, a site called China File, which looks like it'll be Asia Society's blog, will be launching soon. God I hope they don't go with white text on black background.

NON-CHINA READ OF THE WEEK: David Remnick on Jodi Kantor's The Obamas: "Obama is President at a moment in history when the forces arrayed against him are preposterously difficult and malign; the conservative opposition is more radical than anything confronted by his predecessors. The public is angry and the crises—economic, diplomatic, environmental, social, and political—are myriad. For all that, staff members like Emanuel hated hearing the President railing against the 'silliness' of Washington. 'The rules apply to everybody,' as one former adviser told Kantor, and complaining about how Washington works 'is like crying over the rain.” Obama was elected to lead “a rational, postracial, moderate country that is looking for sensible progress,' a White House official tells Kantor. 'Except, oops, it’s an enraged, moralistic, harsh, desperate country. It’s a disconnect he can’t bridge.'" [The New Yorker]

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