Friday, January 13, 2012

Watch the rowdiest fans in the CBA do their thing

Following their thrilling -- THRILLING -- win at Xinjiang on Wednesday (which I think is the first time Beijing's ever won in Xinjiang), the Ducks are again on the road, this time in Taiyuan to face the Shanxi Brave Dragons.

We'll take this occasion to revisit what happened the last time this blogger was in Shanxi's Binhe Sports Complex. It was nearly two years ago, and Stephon Marbury was playing for the home team. Fans got pissed.

In each of Marbury's first two games in the CBA, fans threw stuff onto the court. Shanxi's owner ended up getting fined for both incidents.

Earlier this evening -- it's 33-26 Shanxi as we speak -- something happened near the Beijing bench and fans in that area began to stand and gesticulate (and shout, we can only imagine). Security folk waved handkerchiefs at them and told them to sit, but these folk were having none of it. One person threw a napkin or something onto the court.

To say Shanxi basketball fans are rowdy might be an understatement.

Also, they're practically all wearing black. It's like a game straight from the 1930s.

BTV has the game live, for all those in China.

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