Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Amazing how gorgeous Beijing's skies can be on a clear day

Today marked the third consecutive day we've had absolutely gorgeous, resplendently clear skies in Beijing, and in case you're wondering how gorgeous, how resplendent, please take note of the following pictures, taken on the evening of June 29, the night of June 30 and the afternoon of July 1:

Moments like these, of course, is when all of us living in this city (and country) raise our fists and demand to some unseen force the PRC government, "Why can't you let it be like this all the time more often???"

Because these last three days were truly something to be savored.

For now, though, we'll have to add days like these to our list of things to look forward to when China's neverending development finally ends. As the locals have a way of saying, almost as a requisite response to every small bit of criticism that has no better retort, "Things will get better."

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