Monday, July 13, 2009

More uploading troubles and the beauty of VPNs

According to this notice it's now possible to upload videos onto Youku with Macs, but I haven't had any success. The status bar moves all the way to 100%, but the video never shows up.

Anyone know what's up?

I've been a little obsessed recently with finding a VPN that's faster and more reliable than the current one I'm using, which isn't bad but, I'm convinced, isn't the best.

Here's the good news / bad news part:

Good news: a list of free, downloadable VPNs can be found via Radio Free Asia, including possibly the most helpful list ever assembled for the expat in China: Freegate (only free to users in China (and maybe now Iran)), UltraSurf (Wujie), Gpass, Fire Phoenix, UltraSurf (Wujie) and Garden Networks.

Bad news: most of these proxies only work for Windows.

Times like these are when I wish I would've taken the time to partition my hard drive way back when.

POSTSCRIPT: For those who are still basking in the aftermath of the Green Dam fiasco, please check out Green Tsunami, which is the Global Internet Freedom's response to Green Dam.

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