Monday, July 20, 2009

Pictures from Art of War 13 and a longer video of Wu Haotian getting KO'ed

The full write-up to this event is now up on the Beijinger.

Ring girls: hot or not?

The man on the right is Bulgarian fighter Lubomir Guedjev, whose fight with South Korea's Kim Dong Hyun was stopped because doctors couldn't get that gash under his left eye to stop bleeding. Anyone wanna sign up for MMA?

China's Dai Shuanghai vs. Poland's Marcin Pionke was the first fight of the night to go into the second round. In the two pictures above, and you can see Pionke's left eye is swollen shut. After ending in a technical draw -- eliciting a few boos -- Dai took the mic to thank the crowd and basically apologize for his third consecutive no-decision. He said, "Next time, I will do everything I can to win."

China's Wang Sai vs. Sweden's Claes Beverlov in the main event, one of the best fights of the evening. Wang kicked the crap out of Claes for a round and a half before the Swede put Wang into an arm and induced a quick and shocking tap-out.

With streamers and confetti on the mat, Beverlov said to the crowd, "I'm pretty tired; he's really tough guy, really tough guy.... Thank you China for letting me be here. I love the crowd." That same crowd, by the way -- mostly Chinese -- got up to leave almost the instant after he won.

And as promised, here's a full-length video of the Shukhrat Minovarov-Wu Haotian "fight." I was able to record the entire thing because it lasted 22 seconds. In fact, I'm pretty sure the ring girls, in all their glory below, pranced around the ring for a longer length of time.

POSTSCRIPT: The guys over at the forum have picked up my first video of the knockout, posted yesterday. Check out their discussion if you'd like.

From: Altofsky
Posted: 10 hours ago
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You could HEAR that shot. That was almost as loud as Bas Rutten's right hand across Ruben Villareal's chin.

From: Not Monty
Posted: 10 hours ago
Member Since: 8/23/05
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Hear that crack? That is one of the reasons to go see fights live. You just dont get those 'thwacks' on tv.

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