Sunday, July 5, 2009

One of the best online ads the Beijinger's ever run

The Beijinger, which has a classifieds section and forum perused by the dregs of the Beijing expat community, occasionally gives us a gem. I post this one in its entirety:

Handsome Foreigner for Sale

Handsome well educated male foreigner (美国人) for sale in Beijing. Free at any time of the day or night, price depends on what he is being used for. I prefer you suggest the price, and I'll say if I agree or not.

Need help moving things, need a travel partner, english language help, date, etc. I have a lot of free time, and nothing to do. Speaks fluent english and conversational Mandarin. Has traveled extensively across China and the rest of the world. Whatever you need done, just let me know.

About me, I am a 27 year old American. In good shape, enjoys sports from football to rock climbing to ping pong. Also loves watching movies, Hollywood or Asian. I'm 5'10, 160lbs.

My email address is, please reply with a specific job and price. :-

ps. English teaching is a 1 on 1 basis, I don't want to work for a Teaching English company.

I'm currently trying to imagine which of my friends posted this...


kevinreitz said...

Hmmm... The obvious front-runner is Boehner, although the age is a 2years off. Other possibilities include Joe, Joel, Jeff, and most other J's.

Anonymous said...

Wow, didn't think I'd find my Beijinger post on someone's blog. It is a gem, isn't it! ;-)

The Tao said...

Nicely done. Get any serious inquiries?

Anonymous said...

A couple nice ones, and the usual 'english teacher' spam that all the english language schools put out.