Sunday, July 19, 2009

Art of War 13: Wu Haotian gets knocked out in stunning fashion

I have quite a bit to say about mixed martial arts in China in general and yesterday's event, Art of War 13, specifically, but I'm preparing a blog entry for the Beijinger so I won't able to elaborate until later. (Update: tbj post.) Just know that last evening, China's Wu Haotian, one of the most popular fighters in the Art of War series and the winner of the Art of War 12 main event -- he who won in the shortest match of that evening, mind you -- got stone-cold knocked the %$#@ out in the 18th second of his match against Uzbek Shukhrat Minovarov. Think Dan Henderson's knockout of Michael Bisping at UFC 100, only faster. The ref, "Big John" McCarthy, called the fight off immediately. The official match time -- from bell to bell, by my count -- was 21 seconds.

It was, to say the least, shocking.

Here's a video. Expect a longer version to be posted shortly. (Update: here.)

POSTSCRIPT: Here's my Beijinger write-up to Art of War 12. Expect a video about that soon as well. (Update: here.)

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