Wednesday, February 8, 2012

The Chinese in America

Jeremy Lin has landed. In our collective hearts. Deadspin has all the coverage of the Knicks' starting point guard you could want for the day.

And so it has been a wonder to watch how we, the disbelieving yet adoring public, react to him. I have seen a lot of Knicks fans' neuroses and breakdowns play out in public before, but never quite like this: It's as if no one can truly fawn over "Linsanity" yet because the mere mention of his name might make him disappear, like some kind of magical elf. I've never seen a fan base think so little of and still so goddamn much of a single player before.

It was legitimately the most fun I've ever had at a pro game. The other 10,000 Asians in attendance [approximate] seemed to agree. Word had traveled fast.

Featured comment by Sonar Jose: I used to think he was just alright, but for some reason he seems to be waaaay better in MSG.

And briefly: "An Asian Harvard Grad Makes It In New York," i.e. Linsanity.

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